“I teach many mixed ability classes with a low level of vocabulary.  Since I started using Vocabulary Builder the students’ vocabulary has improved rapidly.  They enjoy the lessons and they are easy to use for me and the students.  My classes simply complete the exercises in their own time and the topics are interesting, so they lead to lots of discussion and pair work.”

David Baptiste MA TEFL, English Teacher, London, U.K.
"I use Vocabulary Builder with my elementary classes. Before I spent a long time preparing for lessons, but with Vocabulary Builder it is easy to prepare and mark work. The photos work very well with adults and young learners."

Abdulfattah Hariri MEd., English Teacher, Alexandria, Egypt.
“This is a really great resource to use for students of all ages.  It teaches the main vocabulary they need for examinations and it is easy to build further grammar-based activities around the topics.”

Robert Diaz BEd., English Teacher, New York, U.S.A.
"The book is relevant and visually stimulating. The interesting activities engage the students. It is fantastic for mixed ability classes and I recommend this e-book to any teachers or students."

Karim Nourani MSc., English Teacher, Iran.
"Times what I paid for it. I have used the worksheets countless times with my classes. They never lose interest with them and they are always keen to discuss the topics. If you are looking for something simple, but effective that will motivate your class, then you have found what you are looking for."

Isac Goulart MA, English Teacher, Brasilia, Brazil.
“Jamie’s e-book is easy to use and popular with my students.  I use the review quizzes and I can see improvements in my students’ vocabulary already.  I would recommend this to any students or teachers who want to improve their vocabulary quickly and easily.”

Ibrahim Badran BEd., English Teacher, Amman, Jordan.
"I use Vocabulary Builder with young learners and they love the pictures and wordsearch.  The worksheets are easy to print in colour and it is easy to check their progress with review units.  I especially like the way Vocabulary Builder improves their spelling."

Esther Chen, English Teacher, Taipei, Taiwan.
Vocabulary is always the foundation of learning a language. As an English teacher in Taiwan, I really recommend Vocabulary Builder as the textbooks for all English teachers and young English starters. It’s fun and easy to understand. Through playing the activities in the textbook, I believe that children will think learning vocabulary is not about memorizing but really comprehending what these words mean.

Lois Lee, English Teacher, Taiwan